Lenny Hennigan was a mediocre private detective in San Francisco. Everything in his life was ordinary and mundane. However, his life took a turn in the opposite direction when he accepted Karl Menninger’s case. Lenny was thrust into a life on the streets where the only law was a quick gun and hard fists.

Len’s client had made a software discovery, a discovery that would allow anyone with the invention, Gen X-10, could hack into any computer system without that computer system’s knowing anyone was around. Having control of this software one could completely control the technological world.

Therefore, every element of society became Len’s and Karl’s enemies: the CIA, FBI, Mafia, Third World Countries, and the local police units. All of them wanted a piece of the action that only the software invented by Karl could bring.

Lenny’s job—keep himself alive, Karl out of prison and learn who had framed both. Len goes undercover in China Town where he meets the love of his life, Kym.

Kym is a young, beautiful Chinese girl who dreams of becoming a movie star. She has the natural talent and good looks to fulfill her dreams. With Len’s help she has a chance to live the life she dreams of.

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