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To offer help for your online success.

Thanks for stopping by! So glad you found us on the internet.

We are available to help with online problems you may be facing. My struggles for success online ended with my discoveries of two online businesses.

After all, that’s what each of us is about–business.


Early Business Beginnings

Like most, I struggled with online marketing for years. Primarily, my struggles centered around a lack of knowledge and technological deficiencies.

I wasted a good deal of money trying to become successful. I’m positive that you can relate because 95% of those doing online marketing fail or are making on average less than $1000 per month.

The other 4% have no need to read this page!

However, in the last year I discovered two sites that changed everything for me.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

2. Four Percent Success Challenge

These two sites totally changed my life. I went from in the hole to well above board in only a few short months. To see an informative review of these two programs ==>click here.

Obviously, I can’t promise you the same results. I don’t know you, how driven you are, how success oriented you might be nor how driven you are to succeed.

I am driven to succeed. These two sites gave me the knowledge to find success online. All the other places I visited and spent money promised good things, but there was never enough training for me to succeed with their program.

Besides, each place I visited before these two sites wanted more and more money. “If you buy the latest upgrade, you will become successful.”

Believe me! I bought the upgrades. I still didn’t have success with these “guru’s.”

After this much money spent and frustration of no success, I had nearly given up. I literally stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate through an ad someone placed online. The beauty of this site was that I could try it for free.

The ad read, “You don’t need a credit card to sign up. . .”

Of course I didn’t believe a word of this; however, I visited the site, gave them my email address, and less than 15 minutes later, I had my very own website built!

Since then I have build three other websites. The cost of these sites is–get this–$13.99 per year! Unbelievable!


The Four Percent Success Challenge

Then a friend from WA told me about the Four Percent Success Challenge. Although the cost of it is $49 per month. Here is where I learned how to really make money online.

Now I can apply my knowledge about how to make money to WA. From these I develop multiple streams of income by promoting other people’s products.


Glad You Dropped By

I am really glad you stopped by my site. My purpose for ahowardcoffey.com is to offer suggestions for online success.

I have learned much on my journey, and I want to share the knowledge I have gained online.

There is billions of prospects online. However, reaching even one can be daunting at times. Believe me, I have indeed been there!

If I can help in any way, leave me a question or comment below. I’ll get back soon.


Howard Coffey, Owner

Coffey Consulting Compay