Meet Howard


I’m Howard Coffey, and I’m an entrepreneur. I live on Lake Barkley in the western portion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Besides owning my own business, I love to fish and write. Where I live affords me the opportunity to do both nearly everyday.

I have been in ministry for over forty years. My church has been most of the prisons in Kentucky. I retired from prison ministry about two years ago.

I have written several novels. And I have published articles in several genres.

I want us to become personally acquainted because I offer a relationship building site, All the advice I have here is free.

Beyond this, I offer an online writing course, https// You can go there and browse about for one week free. You can blog on the site, and you can use your own site url once in your blog. The only stipulation is that you do not blog about writing. Any other niche is fair for you to blog about there.