I thought we might benefit from looking at some tools that are necessary to run your home and online business. I know that many reading this post are savvy enough that they don’t need to read it.

However, I still can use an explanation of things necessary to run my online business. I’m not there yet. One thing that I did that has made a major difference in my home and online business was sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. I can buy websites cheap, they are hosted by WA, and the cost is economical, $29.00 per month.

When you add that the extensive training on running and marketing your site is five-star, it doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else. So the first tool I would recommend that you add Wealthy Affiliate(WA) at the top of your list

Let’s look, then, at the necessary tools you could need to run your home and online business.


Your website will become your hub for your business. Choose your theme wisely. You know the niche you are passionate about; therefore, choosing a niche isn’t hard at all.

WordPress offers the most comprehensive websites for the average John Q Public. However, they do require some special knowledge in order to make them appealing.

WA offers WordPress themes and the training necessary to make them work. Personally, I couldn’t have an online business without WA.

You, on the other hand, may be technologically savvy enough that you don’t need a platform such as WA.



This is not the kind of traffic we are talking about, but you do want the road to your site clogged with this much.

Although there is no tool to develop traffic for you, there are ways to drive traffic to your site. Regular, informative posts create organic traffic to your site. By offering a free course, ebook or a 7-day plan of some kind, you can attract traffic.

Your offer needs to be real and as unique as possible. If you love to write, offering a free book on how to do something for an online business is a super idea. Give the book free, but charge 8 to 9 dollars shipping and handling.

Several ways to get traffic to your site:

  • organic
  • paid ads
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • pay per click
  • Google paid clicks

All of these methods work to get traffic. However, you must keep up with the cost of the ads or clicks and the number of sales you generate from them.

If you are paying ten dollars per click and selling a two dollar item, it’s obvious you need to change strategies.

For your online and home business, traffic becomes the number one pursuit.

Auto Responder

There are many good autoresponders available. Also, there are good reviews giving you the top ten free autoresponders.

Many of the autoresponders give you the option of beginning for free. I like this for a beginning, online business or a start-up home business.

You can use their services until you reach a certain number of subscribers. At some point as your business grows, you will have to pay for their services.

Here are some I use:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • GetResponse

The rest you will have to try for your self. I have had excellent service from these four. I used their free service for as long as I could.


Call them a funnel or landing page or both. You need one!

A landing page works well as long as it sends your visitors names and emails to your list on your autoresponder.

I use ClickFunnels because it provides one like me who isn’t tech savvy to build my funnels. They are darned expensive, so you might want to make sure your business is ready for the added expense. However, I believe them to be worth the money I spend there.

Another email marketing tool I use is a site called GetResponse. I don’t have the room to give you all the features of this site. Check it out ==>here.

A PayPal Account

Maybe one tool you may not have considered would be a PayPal account or some other means of receiving payments and paying invoices for your business.

I use PayPal because it is well-known. Most individuals and businesses I deal with have an account with them.

I was hacked once. I had the PayPal account tied to my bank account. My bank stopped payments on the charges, and I ended up losing a few hundred bucks.

Now I only have my account at PayPal linked to a debit card at my bank. The bank will cover any loss I might accrue. Check with your bank as to how they will deal with PayPal over monies you did not agree to spend through PayPal.

However, I need to report that my PayPal account has been hacked three different times. My bank account was used to purchase things I had not ordered.

Because of this, I’m a bit hesitant to offer my bank account or debit card on any site.

Your Own Business Bank Account

I have operated my entire life out of one bank account. I keep two sets of books on the same page:

  • one for personal
  • one for business

Every guru in business tells you that a personal and business account will not work together. The practice has worked well for me.

I made a simple Excel program over twenty-five years ago. It’s a one-page sheet that has two places for my records. I’ve been audited by the IRS once. There were no problems cited with my records.

Be happy to send you a copy free, ==>click here.

I helped a friend install the latest edition of QuickBooks on his computer. Not only was it hard to install, but for me it was difficult to use.

My life and business bookkeeping methods remain simple. I want to keep them that way.

A Good Grasp of Income Taxes

I don’t know the tax structure for your country. I only know things necessary for me to run a business in the United States.

So everything I write, say or think looks at the US Income System.

Wherever you live and pay taxes, know what it takes to keep you legal in your country. Intentionally, I avoid doing anything that would cause me trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You do the same for your country.

I’m convinced after forty (40) years of prison and jail ministry that nothing–money, sex, power–is worth a trip to a US prison. Prison and jail may be worse in your country.

Therefore, pay Caesar his due!

You don’t have to know all the tax rules and structures in order to operate a business in your country. You will, however, need to use the service of someone who does.

I use an accounting firm out of Edgefield, SC. They are good and reasonable.

This Review

I’ve looked at different things I have had to learn in order to run my online business. I know there are so many others items we could have included in a post of this nature.

Let me know what you think I left out that should have been a part of the review. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, ==>click here.

No where else on the Internet will you find 5-star training that gives you a business edge online.

I’m here to help, so let me know how I can help you. Leave questions or comments below.

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